About Me 



I'm Shourya Shikhar Ghosh, a senior studying computer science and engineering. When I tried to remove adverts from an Android app in my pre-college years, I became fascinated with software. Unexpectedly, this project gave me important knowledge about how applications operate.

Moving forward to the present day, I've been fortunate to have opportunities to work at startups, where I've come to truly understand the significance of a well-designed product and the profound impact it can have on the end-user experience.

I also enjoy working in teams. In the past, I had made a strong commitment to conducting research and digging deep into the fundamentals of computers to consistently improve the quality of the product I was working on. I think that learning more about the product and its industry is an essential step in the development process.

On a personal note, I'm unapologetically a "clean code" enthusiast. I think that elegantly designed and well-structured code improves the overall quality of the software while also facilitating easier maintenance.

In addition, I'm deeply engaged in the open-source community, making significant contributions to numerous projects. Among them are renowned names like Next.js, CircuitVerse Mobile App, Flutter Community, and Invoice Ninja Admin Portal. My involvement spans various domains, showcasing my commitment to both prolific open-source endeavors and noteworthy projects.

Currently, I've delved into the depths of Flutter and am also enjoying the process of learning about the intricacies of the Web Development using JS based frameworks.

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